By Anastasia
Age 10

In the moonlight shining bright,
I see a child that lives in the night.

With no parents to care for him,
He has no water to drink from the rim.

In the moonlight shining bright,
This certain child dreams in the night.

As he looks high in the night,
He sees the moon that shines so bright.

Every night he hears the guns go bang,
He remembers the song that his mother sang.

In the moonlight shining bright,
That was his last time sleeping that night.

On that very same night,
At that very same time,
He has just been reunited with his family for no crime.

There was a little girl that lived across the street,
That was looking for something to eat.

That little girl that was his friend for who knows how long,
So she began to sing the very same song.


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