Attention, Please!

By Bob
May 25, 1999

For more than six years, Bonnie and I helped a single mother raise her two daughters, Sabrina from age seven on, and Ana from birth to age six.  I cherished every moment I spent with them and I will always love them as my own daughters.

One day, at a crowded mall, Sabrina, Ana and I finished our shopping and walked out to the parking lot to leave.  Sabrina got in the front seat of my car as I opened the back door for Ana to climb into her little car seat.  Ana stepped up onto the door sill, but instead of continuing into the car, she suddenly stood up straight, and looked over the top of the open car door.  Turning to the cars all around us, she yelled out as loudly as she could, "Attention, please!  Your attention, please!  May I please have your attention!"  In the corner of my eye, I saw everyone within earshot suddenly freeze and turn to look at the three year old girl standing in the doorway of my car.  It reminded me of the time that Bonnie had shown me how a hundred turkeys in a pen will all stop gobbling and stare at you for a couple seconds if you yell at them.  I barely had time to wonder what Ana was planning to do with their attention once she had it.  "Attention, please!"  A second later, satisfied that she had the full attention of everyone in the area, Ana flashed me a little grin and dropped into her car seat.  In the corner of my eye, I saw everyone return to whatever they had been doing before my amazing little goddaugher had commanded their attention.

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