Ana's Shelf, With Some Of Her Toys!
Here's a shelf on the wall of Ana's bedroom at Bob and Bonnie's house! You can see the "Baby Ana" doll that we bought years ago, because it looked so much like Ana looked when she was a baby! It is wearing Ana's firewoman's hat, that we got for her when she wanted to be a firewoman! The pink box in the middle holds some coins, plus some prize tickets that Ana won at Circus Pizza! On top of that is the Ford Explorer that Bob bought for Ana for her 7th birthday! The box on the right is a little music box that holds Ana's jewelry. When you open its lid, a little ballerina pops up and spins, while the music box plays "London Bridge Is Falling Down." On top of the music box is a little cloth clown doll with a porcelain face. When Ana was 4, she bought that little clown doll for $1 at a local store, then gave it to Bob, telling him, "You keep this; then whenever you feel lonely, you can look at it, and I will be with you."  Bob will never, ever forget that.


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