Bonnie's Antique Music Box!

Back in 1984, Bob and Bonnie fell in love with an antique music box that a friend had inherited from her aunt. Ever since then, Bonnie's dream was to own one some day. The problem was that they are pretty rare, and they cost about 9 times what you might think they might cost! Well, in the summer of 1997, Bob surprised Bonnie by buying her the 1888 German Symphonion music box that you see here! You crank it up, and it can play 25 different intricate and beautiful songs, using 25 separate metal disks about the size of old phonograph albums! Bonnie says it is the best gift that anyone ever gave her!

If your computer can play sounds from the Internet, then CLICK HERE to hear the ending of Bonnie's favorite music box song.
(It might take a minute for the song to load before it will play.)


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