Bob, In His Red Rhino!
Whenever Bob went anywhere with Ana and Sabrina, they would always play a little game where each person would try to be the first one to find a really cool car or truck! All three of them agreed that Ford Explorers were the very best vehicle to find! Whoever saw a Ford Explorer first would "get dibs" on it, and everyone else would try to find other cools cars to try to "trade" to that person for their Ford Explorer! The very BEST Ford Explorer you could find was the medium green one that they had in the early-to-mid-1990's. If you found one of those that also had a SUN ROOF, you could trade it for twenty or thirty fast little sports cars! When it was time for Bob to get a new truck, he went shopping for a Ford Explorer, but wound up buying a Chevy S-10 Blazer, because it is almost exactly like a Ford Explorer, but it cost him $5,000 less than an Explorer would have cost! He named it "Red Rhino" and put its name on its wind deflector!


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